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Free SEO Tips for Beginners – India 2020


You are trying hard and possibly that you are writing exceptionally well. However, due to some strange reason, your article is not featuring on the first page of Google search engines? This issue or problem is very frequent. There are a number of rules that you must follow along with your great article which you own.  Free SEO Tips for Beginners was written to assist you. You should write your article following those rules and regulations as prescribed by Gurus. You must be thinking, “How could I get to the top page of the search engine if I write a great article for people?” I am sure that such a query is coming in everyone’s mind?

Well, Let’s assume, when you landed on to this article you must see me writing in the Heading snippet “This Article will show you how to acquire into the first page of a search engine?” Therefore, let’s see how to present your thoughts to get on the first page of the search engine. Is it something to attract you to click on this link? Not Ways!! Now, assume that if I would have written something in this way, “I believe I have written a search engine friendly article which should rank on top”. Well after writing this heading I see that stay away from the first page, I don’t find in the first four or five pages in the search engine of my writing.

When you read this article as a Guest, I am sure that you will naturally start to get dissatisfied with the quality of the article, and I believe that’s normal behavior. So if you want that your article should be on the first page on the search engine, please be sure that you thought enough about the reader setting aside anything and everything else. Think of those guests who clicked the link with catchy wordings and read your article.

Think about those how you can empower them with new learning, try to keep them attracted to your article. Write for your targeted audience and follow some of the basics of search engine optimization which the entire world knows. Only then probability that you can you rank well. In this article, I captured a step-by-step guide on how to write a knowledgeable attractive article so that your article can easily get a good place on search engines.


No matter how expert you are in the Digital marketing world, try to do extensive research before writing about the topic that you have chosen to bring on the table. The possibility is that there may be many areas you may not be aware of. There may be many areas that you could go wrong. A lot of things can be new to your article, a lot of things can be redundant in current scenarios.

Just an example, I know little about search engine optimization i.e. SEO, but I last read about it in the year 2015, so now if I write something based on what I practiced or followed in 2015, do you think I can produce something accurate and timely relevant content? Absolutely not, some of the fundamentals are the same but a lot has evolved internally as well as the world.

Technology has revolved so the algorithm of search engine and many new things have come up to consider. Also, many old school views we have to unlearn. Just an example, There was a lot of focus on the use of “meta keywords” in 2015, but in late 2020 when Google announced that they do not evaluate meta keywords anymore in the search engine rankings algorithm then the whole concept changed. Now if someone writes the importance of meta keywords, would that be okay to read or spend your time? Absolutely not. Simple is that this was redundant information that is no longer in use.

So your article should contain data after knowing enough and the latest trend about the subject which you are going to write about. It is important not to confuse the reader who is looking into your article and land up with the wrong information. It is also recommended to do keyword research prior you select any topic for writing.


Drafting is a must if you want to make sure your content attracts traffic. The draft is a very important component for those who are new to the Digital world and started now. Your thought process and execution may not go along and possible there could be many discrepancies. So always draft before writing anything so that your though gets clear words. And those who are pro in writing may skip this step but still, I would recommend writing the draft just to ensure your thoughts are penned down correctly.

I also wrote and drafted this Free SEO Tips for Beginners before I actually published this.


While doing your research you may have encountered writings of many bloggers, many of them may have written well, some may easily understand some difficult to interpret. Your instinct will naturally try to copy articles like them and imitate them. But all search engines are now so powerful that they understand and figure out duplicate content and I don’t think its right to copy articles.  You have your own style and should not downgrade your own talent by imitating some articles. Believe yourself and move forward.

You should take inspiration from others and follow one good article writes. The first time you write you may land up not so well article, however, you should try and write regularly. The possibility that you may one day become someone else’s Guru. Good luck.


Combining keywords along with good writing is a very important aspect of getting top rank in search engines. One of them is irrelevant without the other subject. However, the focus remains on the quality of writing and content. The keyword which is most searched in a search engine or affiliate site must be in the title, meta description, and in the original article header section. Overstuffing of keywords is also not advisable as search engines are smart and will not allow your article to rank on multiple keywords for a single article. Identify one focus keyword and apply more than once in the title and description.

A couple of years back many people started worrying about keyword density and possible that there are still some who are thinking too much about keyword stuffing. The common misconception is more keywords used, the more likely it is to rank the site. Please note that you are writing for your audience, not for search engines. Search engines will any day give priority and rank an article that is useful and informative to the readers. You should Use keywords exactly where you should use them. Avoid using unnecessary keywords which will downgrade your article in search engine. You can watch this video by Teckmart about keyword usability.


As a visitor to this article Free SEO Tips for Beginners, you may want to see a picture that represents what I wrote. Search engines also evaluate the appropriate image whatever you have put to make your article attractive and meaningful. Yes, pictures are needed for your writing, but not excessively. Use pictures only where you feel the need which can describe complex things in a simple way. Make sure to give the alt tag of the picture exactly as required. In this way, the search engine will also understand what your image is all about. Therefore, if someone searches for that subject, there will be a possibility to show your image which is a boost for your article and people tend to click on Images more.


Once your article is ready and published, then the web address where you are going to publish your article called URL. Please be sure your URL structure is good and relevant. This is absolutely important to rank good in Search Engine. The focus keyword must be in the URL web address.


Please note, in this article Free SEO Tips for Beginners, I have highlighted the most common requirements and errors that we commit while writing an article. The algorithm to rank on top is changing every day and every hour for the top search engines. Millions of attributes are verified and given weightage before a post gets a good rank.

Therefore, you need a specialist SEO expert like who can guide you to rank your business on the top page of the search engine.

Therefore, Happy writing.

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